Basic Safety

Here are four basic cycling tips

Maintain control

The following are things you can do to maintain control of your bicycle, even in an emergency:

  • Ensure your bicycle is the right size and properly adjusted to fit you.
  • A properly-fitted bicycle is more comfortable and easier to control.
  • A bicycle shop can help you choose the correct size bicycle.
  • Ensure your bicycle is in good working order by inspecting it regularly.

Protect Yourself

Properly-fitted helmets provide protection from a potentially life-threatening head injury. By law, bicycle riders under 14 years old must wear a bicycle helmet while riding on a public road.

Wear your helmet per manufacturer directions.


Be Visible and Alert

Even if you obey all traffic laws, there is always a risk of a collision.

  • Be prepared to stop for vehicles waiting at stop signs, in driveways, or parking spaces.
  • Be prepared to take evasive action relating to vehicles that have just passed you and may turn right.
  • Use hand signals before making turns or changing lanes to warn traffic around you.

Ride in a Safe Lane Position

Ride in the same direction as traffic so you are more visible to drivers entering roads or changing lanes in the following scenarios:

  • Passing a vehicle or another bicycle.
  • Preparing to make a left turn at an intersection.
  • When a lane is too narrow for a bicycle
  • When approaching a right turn.
  • If the road is one-way with two or more lanes.

Condition and purpose

General Conditions

To obtain the rental of a bicycle, the user must present in advance to Garda Bike Center the driving license, or a valid ID, a credit card not rechargeable: these documents will be retained by the manager until the end of the rental. As an alternative to the credit card deposit, it is possible to pay a deposit of € 500.00 in cash or with a pre-authorized debit on the credit card.

Use and care of Equipment

The Client acknowledges and agrees that they have inspected the Equipment, and that the Equipment is in good condition and suitable for the intended use.

The safety of the Client and others

Cycling involves Risks. The Client agrees that despite such Risks the Client wants to
participate in the holiday and/or hire and use the Equipment, and accepts sole responsibility for: (a) the Equipment; and (b) the safety of the Client and others.

During the rental the User does not have any form of insurance or the bicycle is covered by insurance RC. The user is therefore obliged to comply with the rules of the Highway Code. The Manager declines any form of liability in case of improper use of the vehicle or failure to comply with the rules of the Highway Code.

Return of bicycles

The bicycle must be returned, in accordance with the times indicated in this contract, to the same place where it was rented (Garda Bike Center). The bicycle is considered returned only if it is returned directly to the Manager with the countersignature of the delivery on the contract; it can not be considered to return the bicycle parking outside the rental point during the closing time.
Failure to return the bicycle without prior notice or in any case not motivated by exceptional cases, will be considered as a crime of theft and therefore reported to the Judicial Authority.

Competent to use the Equipment

The Client guarantees that all the people who will use the equipment are competent to use it, they will use the equipment in the way it was designed to be used, they will follow all the indications of Garda Bike Center relating to the use and equipment safety and will comply with all laws and obligations regarding the use and control of the equipment. No changes to the equipment.

The Client will not change or modify the Equipment

The Client will not change or modify the equipment without the consent of Garda Bike Center. If the Client changes or modifies the equipment without the consent of Garda Bike Center, such changes or modifications will be considered damage and clause will apply. Damage or loss

Responsible for any damage

The Client is solely responsible for any damage or loss of the equipment during the rental period. The Customer will immediately notify Garda Bike Center if the equipment is damaged or lost and will follow all reasonable instructions of Garda Bike Center in relation to such damaged or lost equipment.

In case of damage

The user is responsible of the bike until its return to the Manager; the user is also responsible of damages caused to himself, the bike, third parties and things during the use of the vehicle. No claim can be made against the Manager of Garda Bike Centre.

In case of theft and loss

In case of theft or loss of the electric/non-electrical bike rented, the Customer is obliged to pay immediately the full amount corresponding to the value of the property in question as per the price list in force at the time of the event.